Welcome to Culture Device

Culture Device specializes in dance and choreography.
Established by Artistic Director / Choreographer / Dance Activist  Daniel Vais.

Our working platforms are bespoke festivals, art events and workshops.
Culture Device are catalysts of artistic excelence, We are committed to promote, develop and deliver quality and inspirational projects to a wide public.

Since 2005, Culture Device has been organizing unique festivals. We approach creative areas which are not very frequented by the public. We especially endeavor to promote the work of those who do not get much exposure due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Islington Dance Festival. 19 June – 8 July 2009
Live music, dance and workshops
Presents a wide range of outstanding dancers including professionals, local artists and artists with special needs and disabilities. The Festival will showcase modern dance along side traditional dance forms performed by Islington’s community talents and internationally acclaimed dance artists. Islington is a borough full of theatres and dance studios and is a home for many dancers and dance companies.

The International Outsiders Festival in 2008
Held in Ireland hosted artists who are considered outsiders such as people with Downs Syndrome, psychics, mental health patients, artists with special needs, etc. The festival was a unique platform for these people to present their work to the public.

The London Bellydance Festival in 2008
Showcased the finest bellydancers and oriental dancers and included a bazaar, lectures, workshops, food and live performances. It was held for 2 days at the Cockpit Theatre, London.
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Since 2005 Culture Device has been creating and delivering various workshops and courses for artists, dancers and people with special needs around the world. We use movement and dance as a holistic method to improve the well being of the participants to great success. Following a series of dance workshops at the Garvey Centre in Limerick, Ireland, a dance company, the Lovespotters, was formed which toured internationally and more importantly helped the Special Needs dancers achieve professional recognition and personal sense of achievment and belonging.

We also run bespoke workshops especialy designed for day centres, charities and educational organisations. More on this in Education and Outreach.

::Art Events::
Culture Device has produced and promoted many dance performances in various venues and in collaboration with festivals worldwide. We have produced visual art exhibitions, choreographed fashion shows, choreographed and produced dance performances, organised lectures and are continuing to do so. Check the current activity for more details.